Homestead Goals 2017


Anyone else have the holidays kick them in the butt???

They sure whooped me and I took a much needed (unexpected) break from work and blogging.  I’m back though! With a lot of new excitement and zest for the next year.

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My husband and I had a date night for New Years Eve that consisted of us sitting down to write and plan our goals for the year to come.  Sound lame? Not when you’re a crazy planning nerd like me.

I love to plan. Planning is my favorite. Oh and craft beer.  We drank some craft beer and planned.  Talk about dream date night over here!

Anyway. I hope you had a chance to set some goals and get ready for the new year.

A Few Tips For Setting Goals:

  1. WRITE IT DOWN. You may have seen this countless other places but it is so, so important to write it down.  It helps to keep it at the front of your mind and make it more real.  Then I like to take it a step further and put it nice and big where we can see it everyday, i.e on the fridge.
  2. Set large, scary but realistic and obtainable goals. The idea is to challenge yourself but not to set such a goal that you most definitely can’t accomplish and then be disappointed.
  3. Have actionable plans to go with your goals. Once you get your goals set it’s time to plan them.  Break it down step by step and get to work! I try to break it down as small as I can get with as many steps as I can so that I can take it one baby step at a time.
  4. Be flexible.  It’s ok if things don’t end up going according to plan.  Just don’t get wrapped up in it.  Be flexible with your plan, reassess and keep moving on toward your goal making adjustments as needed.

So what is in store for us at The Kneaded Homestead??

We broke our goals down into 3 categories; Homestead, Personal and Finance.

Our Homestead Goals:

  1. Grow enough veggies for our family for the year.  Easy enough. Sort of.  We plan to grow using a combination of raised garden beds and permaculture practices (if your interested in learning more about permaculture I recommend this book) for this first year on our new property.
  2. Grow 50 meat chickens.  This is enough to feed us  for a year (2 birds a month), with a few extra to barter, trade, sell, or gift and allowing a few extra in case we lose a couple.
  3. Grow up to 4 bucklings for meat. We have never tried goat but it is, apparently, the most eaten meat world wide.   I know for most goat lovers it might seem weird to eat them but part of  our homesteading philosophy is to be as resourceful as possible and use what we are given to the best of our ability, which includes bucks that would normally be useless.
  4. Grow 2 Kune Kune pigs to rotate behind the goats. We plan to keep one and sell the other.
  5. Raise 20 layer chickens. We plan to raise heritage breeds which means they will be hardier and have more foraging instinct but this also means we won’t get quite as many eggs.  So this many chickens will give us enough eggs for our family plus a little extra to again, barter, trade, sell, or gift.
  6. Improve our soil and the understory of our woods.  We have super sandy soil and a very over crowded woods.  Nothing is thriving on our property so we are hoping to improve that with all of the above adventures combined with composting and planting nutrient rich ground covers.

Personal Goals:

  1. Read scripture 3x a week.  Confession time.  I’m not very good about reading my bible.  I know, I know.  Come at me with the pitchforks and torches.  But no seriously, my goal is to read it 3x a week which is an improvement from my current state.  Should I read it more than 3x a week? Probably.  But I’m just going to start with that and next year I can reassess.
  2. Read 1 personal growth book a month.  This can be anything from marriage books to finance and business books to homesteading books to parenting books.  I’ve slacked on reading hardcore this last year (it’s hard with kids, man!) and I plan to improve significantly.
  3. Have more patience with the children. I don’t yell that much but I do yell sometimes.  I’ll admit it.  I lose my cool more than I’d like to.  I want to be more patient and remember why we are doing the things we are and to have grace with the littles.
  4. Be a better wife.  Did I mention that these are not in a prioritized list? Because this will definitely go above all these others.  I am blessed with an amazing husband that I don’t truly deserve and I plan to be better to him.  Will I get a little sassy still? Most likely (I mean we are setting challenging but realistic goals here). But I plan to nag less and encourage more. Oh. And pack his lunch.

Finance Goals:

  1. DEBT FREE. This is the year, folks.  We have been dreaming and not planning and getting nowhere with our debt.  But not this year.  We are finally going to get out of it! And I am so excited to be debt free.
  2. Tithe more often.  We don’t go to just one church so our tithing looks a little different than other peoples.  Our tithing usually consists of putting money in the collection bowl when we do go to church but it more often includes gifting those in need.  We love to gift people in need with good nutrition or help with a bill that isn’t being met or donate to a family going through a rough time through things like gofundme accounts.  We also like to donate to a few select charities occasionally. To us tithing isn’t just about keeping a church open, it’s also about us spreading the love of Jesus through our actions.  So this year we would like to do even more.
  3. Grocery shop 2x a month.  I typically shop once a week but I know that shopping less will save us money in many ways.  I won’t have as many chances to be tempted to buy unnecessary things, less gas will be spent, I will have to meal plan even better and we will waste less.
  4. Spend less on groceries.  We typically spend about $400/month on groceries.  I’m going to cut it down to $250/month.  This is quite possibly the scariest and hardest goal for me.  I won’t be compromising on quality of our food but I’ll have to learn to use the food more frugally.

This is going to be such an exciting year! Rick has his own set of goals as well of course. And we will be documenting much of this as we go right here on the blog.  I hope you set big, scary, awesome goals for the year.  Lets grow and challenge ourselves this year and every year.

What goals do you have planned this year? Did you write them down? What is the most challenging goal you have?

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  • Ashley Needham

    I like your goals. I try to make it a habit to read the bible before bed or while I’m drinking my morning coffee. (Which is the time I used to waiste with reading my facebook newsfeed.)

    • Ashley Titman

      That’s great! My youngest is just 3 months so I am so looking forward to getting back into a routine for bed time and waking time. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Sarah Hardee

    Love your categorization of your goals. You’ve put a lot of thought into this! May God bless you.

    • Ashley Titman

      Thank you! God bless you and yours as well!

  • The homestead goals brings back such fond memories of my childhood. One of my biggest regrets about living in an apartment is that I can’t even grow some produce. I would really love to break away from meat more often, as well.

  • Regina Finn

    Don’t be afraid of cutting down that grocery budget! You ARE a planner, and you CAN do It! I have found that the best way to STAY on whatever budget you set for yourself is to create and stick to (allowing some flexibility, because things don’t always go as planned) a weekly meal plan. Only purchase the things you need to prepare the meals you have planned for. I would be very interested in reading about and following your natural meal planning!